We are driven by an imbedded curiosity and an ambition to discover and learn new things. We embrace the complexity, innovations and challenges of our time but we also have great respect for existing conditions including natural resources, craftsmanship and architectural heritage. Our team consists of experienced people from different backgrounds to ensure that we stay open for multiple perspectives and opinions as we read, question and rethink the built environment.


Dialogue is central to our way of working and supplies the knowledge and the creative possibilities that feed our designs. Close cooperation with our clients and a broad field of experts in engineering, finance, art and sustainability helps us to develop meaningful solutions. Inside our studio we believe that the use of different tools brings different insights. Therefore, we combine various digital media and large-scale model building. This ensures a productive research and reflection process which provides the base for innovation.


We create projects with a strong identity that belong to a given place and situation. Throughout the design and building process we take all given circumstances into consideration in order to offer creative solutions. We are passionate about an architecture that is sustainable, functional and has the power to ignite the imagination. Our buildings and urban plans allow for a variety of experiences and provide an openness for new ways of living and working.